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Bootstrap Themes

RGB images

You can select the resolution. VGA or 1080p. You can use 8 bit or 16 bit images.

2D and 3D bounding boxes

2D and 3D bounding boxes in camera frame for all instances in the image.


Color-coded where each 3D object in the scene is given a unique color. This can be used to identify objects across several views or to extract all segmentation masks of objects present in the image.


Color-coded image that indicates which object class each pixel belongs to.

Human poses

Human pose for all human agents in the image (COCO-format json with skeleton information).

3D normals images

Image with 3D normal orientation values for each pixel of the rendered RGB image.

Bootstrap Themes

Depth images

Images with depth values for each pixel of the rendered RGB image.


Albedo (base color) image.

Lambertian reflectance model

Image of the scene where every object is given a material using a simple Lambertian reflectance model.

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